Why you should consider cycling as you method of transport

Why you should consider cycling as you method of transport

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular as a sport. It also still remains a popular means of transportation for commuting. However, there are so many more benefits to cycling than just getting around and getting from A to B.  Today we would like to take the time to introduce you to a few extra benefits that may not be so obvious at first thought!


Free Parking

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Anyone who regularly travels by car, especially into the city, knows the annoying problem of finding a parking space. Either the parking space is far too small, you are only allowed to park for 30 minutes, or it costs a fortune to park your car. The whole thing is much easier on a bike. There are often more options for parking a bike, usually even without a time limit. So you can go about your activities in a relaxed manner without having to constantly worry about whether you have to go to the parking meter again. A bike also takes up much less space than a car.


Getting Around Faster

At certain times of the day, the city can get particularly busy and it is precisely in these situations that the bike comes into its own, because the roads are then full of cars and you would be stuck in a traffic jam, but with a bike you can quickly avoid such traffic jams, because you can estimate your journey time better and take shortcuts that may not be available to car drivers.

However, the benefits of cycling go far beyond just flexibility. The decision to cycle plays a major role in promoting a more liveable city. Fewer cars on the roads means less noise and exhaust fumes, paving the way for cleaner air and a calmer, more peaceful urban environment. Plus doing activities like cycling to school with your children will have a lasting positive impact on their health and outlook compared to getting dropped of to school in an SUV.

Improving Mental Health

Our lives are characterized by constant stress and pressure, be it at work or in everyday life in general, there is always something going on. It feels nowadays our attention is always in demand, even while driving, we are bombarded with objects that demand our attention, from radio ads to billboards and even mobile phones. It was recently reported that over half of drivers use their phone while driving. We often forget that we should treat ourselves to a break and plug out from the digital world. Cycling offers a perfect opportunity to escape from everyday stress.

Cycling offers an alternative view, it's a method to fully detach from our digital world. According to a survey by See.Sense, around 79% of respondents stated that they felt better both mentally and physically after cycling. If you like to take a closer look at the survey

The effects of cycling on mental health are just as important, but are unfortunately less frequently discussed. So motivate your friends and acquaintances to cycle more and share the joy and health benefits it brings.


Of course, a bike will always need certain repairs from time to time, but it is nevertheless cheaper overall. You save on high repair costs, fuel costs, insurance, and parking tickets. Some of these costs are rather low, but even these would add up at some point. If you cycle regularly, you will be spared these costs.

Now you've read through several compelling reasons why cycling is not only a practical but also an environmentally friendly and health-promoting alternative to driving. Perhaps you now feel inspired to switch to cycling more often. The benefits are clear: fewer traffic jams, a more active lifestyle, and a valuable contribution to a more liveable city.

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