About us

We are passionate cyclists, inventors, designers and future creators with entrepreneurial spirit. We stand for sustainability, trust, good design and fun with cycling. With our interdisciplinary team and variety of skills we aim to bring flexibilty to the everyday.

  • Our Mission

    We aim to create products that make mobility enjoyable , safer and more flexible for people that move. We primarily achieve this through the development and implementation of our increasingly innovative air technology. We create experiences that inspire and excite with a focus on sustainable production techniques and customer focus.

  • Our Vision

    Inflabi exists to create a world where mobility is safe, flexible and more functional to all. A world that combines sustainability and innovation to create products that makes safety second nature.

    “We make Safety Second Nature”

A product designed with our community.

Inflabi is designed with the user in mind. That is why we include our users in our development process.

Your opinion is important to our growth. We have opened up our Inflabi development forum to all our existing customers. If you would like to join the development forum please get in touch below.

  • Julian Wiebke

    Julian Wiebke is a business strategist and sales professional at Inflabi, where he brings a wealth of experience in corporate strategy and sales to the team. He is responsible for driving the company’s growth and revenue by identifying and pursuing new business opportunities.

  • Maximilian Klyk

    Maximilian Klyk is the engineering and safety specialist at Inflabi. With a background in mechanical engineering and a deep understanding of safety regulations, Maximilian is responsible for ensuring the company’s inflatable bike helmet meets all necessary safety standards.

  • Jonas Engelhardt

    Jonas Engelhardt is a product designer and marketing expert at Inflabi. With a background in industrial design and a passion for creating innovative products, Jonas leads the whole product design, user experience and branding efforts for the company’s inflatable bike helmet.

  • Moritz Rienkens

    Industrial Design

  • Camila Infante


  • Robin Ruecker

    Safety & Development

  • Carolin Leissner


We are looking for You!

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