Creative alternatives for storing bicycles indoors

Creative alternatives for storing bicycles indoors

Which cyclist isn't familiar with the constant challenge of finding the perfect place for their bike? It is particularly annoying if you live in an apartment where space is so limited and there is neither a private basement nor a secure outdoor area available. After all, you don't want to leave that brand new Canyon out in the rain!

The question of a suitable place to store your bike can quickly become a real headache. Fear not however, as we have compiled some of the more creative alternatives for storing your bike indoors. There are many creative alternatives that can help you store your bike in your home without taking up too much space.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are a popular alternative for storing bikes in the home. This can be a simple hook that you screw to the wall or a sophisticated system that allows you to hang your bike vertically or horizontally. Wall mounts are simply perfect for storing your bike in your home because they keep your bike off the floor and free up space in your home. So not only have you created a real eye-catcher in your home, you have also found a place where you can store your bike perfectly.


If you are unsure how to set up a wall mount, we have found a great blog that it explains it here.


Ceiling Mounts

If you're running out of space on the floor at home or you're slowly running out of places to put your bike, then a ceiling mount is also a great solution. Just imagine: With a mount like this, your bike simply hangs from the ceiling, doesn't get in the way, is always within easy reach and looks great at the same time. It is a simple and cost effective way to store your bike.


Better yet, if your bike is particularly aesthetically pleasing, consider making it a part of your home decor. Mount it on a prominent wall or in a display frame to show it off. A bike hanging up on your wall can act as a piece of art or furniture in an otherwise unloved area of the home. A great way to let friends know you were only two hamstring injuries away from going pro!


Bike Stands


And if the bracket isn't an option for you, there are many other ways. Consider a bike stand, for example? You can easily place your bike in a corner or on the wall without it getting in the way.



Under the Stairs


Hiding a bike away under the stairs is another great option. If you have a staircase, the area underneath can provide a cozy nook for your bike. Custom racks or hooks can help make the most of a space that , if we are being honest, is usually reserved for trash.


Folding Bikes


Away from wall mounts, a folding bike is the ideal alternative for anyone who is stuck for space. When you arrive at work you can fold up the bike in seconds and take it with you. There is no need to worry about your bike being stolen. Of course, this also applies at home: if you don't have a bike cellar, you can also store the folding bike in your small city apartment. If you have a longer journey to work and are dependent on other means of transport, you can take your folding bike with you as luggage on the bus, train or car and cycle to and from the bus stops or parking lots. If you are unsure whether and when you can take your bike with you on the train, read our blog post in which we explain exactly what you should consider when taking your bike with you.

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