Introducing Inflabi

Introducing Inflabi

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Lightweight Material


Helmet in Frankfurt

German Engineering for your Head

  • Built on tradition

    Less than 50km from the birthplace of the bicycle comes Inflabi, the worlds first Inflatable helmet
  • German Engineering

    Inflabi brings German engineering excellence to protect your most valuable asset - your head.
  • A team you can Trust

    We are a strong team of Engineers & Designers with a passion for mobility

Lightweight Material

  • Air Tech

    Inflabi uses air cushions designed using our protected Air Technology to offer lightweight protection
  • Unique Textile Design

    Inflabi is fitted with an outer Fabric for additional protection against abrasion
  • Ultra Lightweight

    Weighing roughly 250 grams. Inflabi is lighter than most helmets on the market
Compact Bike Helmet


  • 85% Deflatable

    Inflabi can be reduced by 85% when fully deflated
  • Easily Store in your bag or pocket

    Inflabi can be easily stowed away in any bag for complete convenience in the city
  • Includes storage bag

    Every helmet comes with a small bag & pump to easily store and carry Inflabi

Move effortlessly 
through the city

Regardless of how you travel around the city,
Inflabi provides the freedom to move with confidence






A team of Innovators

At Inflabi we are driven by passion. Passion for mobility, passion for flexible solutions and passion for adventure. 

We are a diverse team of 8 people with varied backgrounds. We stand for sustainability, adventure, outstanding design and simplicity in the mobility industry.
Inflabi Team


01. Where can I buy an Inflabi

Inflabi is currently Available for pre-order via our Online Store

Inflabi is undergoing European EN1078 Testing and is initially only available in Europe. After we launch in Europe it will be become available in other markets.

Shortly after our crowdfunding campaign finishes , it will be possible to pre-order any remaining helmets via our online store for a short time.

02. When will I receive my helmet?

We are in the latter stages of prototype development and our helmets are currently undergoing in-house testing before EN1078 certification. We expect to start shipping orders in late Q3 2024

03. How do you Inflate the helmet?

Inflabi can be inflated with a standard bike pump or a compact electric pump. All orders come with an Inflabi Pump as standard. The required air pressure is 2 Bar, (29 PSI) and is indicated by the gauge on the Inflabi Pump. 

A Helmet like no other

Inside Inflabi Helmet

Safe – 4x shock absorption

Our unique technology is designed to provide the highest level of safety for cyclists. Inflabi uses air chambers to provide superior impact absorption compared to traditional EPS foam helmets. We will exceed the European standard requirements for helmets. (EN 1078)

Compact – 85% resizable

Inflabi is designed to be easily portable and can be deflated and packed away when not in use. This makes it perfect for commuters who need to transport their helmet with them.
Foldable Bike Helmet
Strongest Bike Helmet


Unlike EPS foam helmets that frequently crack upon impact, Inflabi is engineered for reusability. Thanks to our innovative air technology, our helmets can withstand multiple impacts without compromising the structural integrity as long as the helmet is airtight. 

Express Yourself

At launch Inflabi will be available in 3 Colours but in the future Inflabi can be customized with different patterns and fabrics, making it a fashionable and personalized accessory for all commuters
Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Feedback from our test users

Lab tests only get you so far. We employed a number of Test Users to gather real feedback
I loved the Compact storage and easiness to carry. It is light weight and quick inflation and comfortable to wear. The small bag is very practical.


Being able to stow the helmet away easily was very convenient.


Fun to use and helmet is super compact.


I think it's great that the helmet doesn't interfere with other activities. I let the air out and simply stowed it in my rucksack. It doesn't get in the way and doesn't take up much space.


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