What exactly is EN1078 certification?

What exactly is EN1078 certification?


You've probably come across the term "EN1078" a few times in our social media posts or on our website. But what is EN1078 exactly and why does it play such an important role in the development of our Inflabi helmet?


created in 1997 and approved by the EU in 2012, EN1078 is a European standard for bicycle, skateboard & similar helmets that specifies the requirements and test procedures for bicycle helmets to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Helmets that comply with EN1078 are therefore designed and tested to protect cyclists in the event of an accident or impact.


The EN1078 standard covers various aspects of a helmet's performance and construction. For example, the standard specifies that cycle helmets must provide adequate shock absorption to minimise head injuries in the event of an accident. It also specifies requirements for ventilation, field of vision and fastening systems to ensure comfort and ease of use. In addition, the EN1078 standard provides clear guidelines for the labelling of helmets to ensure that consumers can easily identify whether a helmet meets the requirements. Manufacturers of bicycle helmets intended for sale in European countries often seek EN1078 certification to prove that their products fulfil the safety requirements set out in this standard. At Inflabi, we already test our helmets internally using tests based on the EN1078 standard to ensure that our helmets can protect you in every possible dangerous situation, that we receive our certification and that we can guarantee you the promised safety.

The certification process consists of multiple different tests. Everything from the label, chin-strap and the helmets performance in both cold and hot temperatures is considered. This includes two different drops, namely the flat anvil and the curbstone drop and each helmet is dropped four times during the testing process. In all tests the maximum force allocation is 250g. This is a stricter limit than the American or Australian Tests.

It is important for cyclists to look for helmets that meet the relevant safety standards, such as EN1078, to ensure they are wearing a helmet that will provide adequate protection in the event of a cycling accident.

The EN1078 standard is of crucial importance to Inflabi. It ensures that our innovative helmets fulfil the necessary safety standards to provide you with the best possible protection. By complying with this standard, companies can not only ensure the safety of their customers, but also build trust, fulfil legal requirements and secure a competitive advantage in the market. Overall, the EN1078 standard helps to improve bicycle safety and make cycling an even safer activity.

Nevertheless, EN1078 certification is just the benchmark that we are aiming to hit at Inflabi. Once we have finished testing, we expect Inflabi to exceed the EN1078 testing requirements by up to four times the requirments.


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