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Inflabi Helmet Pre-Order

Inflabi Helmet Pre-Order

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Inflabi presents: The Inflatable Helmet - Convenience, Portability, and Safety in One

Introducing the Inflabi Inflatable Helmet, a revolutionary product that is set to redefine safety gear as we know it. Initially available in two sizes (Medium, and Large), this helmet is designed to cater to a wide range of users. From Bikes to E-scooters and everything in between, the Inflabi is designed to make it easier to get around the city.

Unmatched Convenience: The Inflabi Helmet is not your ordinary helmet. It's an innovative, inflatable helmet that offers unparalleled convenience. Forget about the hassle of carrying around a bulky helmet. With Inflabi, you can easily deflate your helmet and store it in your bag, making it perfect for commuters and avid cyclists alike.

Superior Portability: Our inflatable helmet is lightweight and compact, making it incredibly easy to carry around. Whether you're going for a leisurely bike ride in the park or commuting to work, the Inflabi Inflatable Helmet is your perfect travel companion.

Top-Tier Safety: The Inflabi Inflatable Helmet is designed with safety as its top priority. Our protected air technology ensures that the helmet provides superior protection compared to traditional helmets. It's designed to absorb impact effectively, safeguarding you from potential injuries.

Size Guide

  • Medium: Ideal for head circumference of 54-58 cm
  • Large: Ideal for head circumference of 59-61 cm

Read our Size Guide if you are unsure how to measure your head. If you are unsure about which size suits best, we reccommend a size medium and you can amend your size up until launch day!

Pre-Order Note: By pre-ordering today, you are supporting the project and securing your spot in line for one of the limited first editions of the Inflabi helmet. Please be aware that, as the helmet is currently under development and will be available beginning next year. Rest assured, you retain the flexibility to cancel your pre-order at any point and receive a complete refund, should you change your mind.

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Safe – 4x shock absorption

Our unique technology is designed to provide the highest level of safety for cyclists. Inflabi uses air chambers to provide superior impact absorption compared to traditional EPS foam helmets. We will exceed the European standard requirements for helmets. (EN 1078)


Unlike EPS foam helmets that frequently crack upon impact, Inflabi is engineered for reusability. Thanks to our innovative air technology, our helmets can withstand multiple impacts without compromising the structural integrity as long as the helmet is airtight. 

Compact - 85% resizable

Inflabi is designed to be easily portable and can be deflated and packed away when not in use. This makes it perfect for commuters who need to transport their helmet with them.

Express Yourself

At launch Inflabi will be available in 3 Colours but in the future Inflabi can be customized with different patterns and fabrics, making it a fashionable and personalized accessory for all commuters